Given the human capital and assets the University possesses, the University of Juba is in a unique position to provide high quality services that can generate extra revenue to fund its own expansion and infrastructural development. It can also facilitate the transfer of technology and know-how to vital sectors of South Sudan Economy.

In March 2014, a new leadership team was appointed. In line with the new management team’s view that the University of Juba can draw its resources from four sources:

  1. Government grants
  2. International development assistance
  3. Fundraising fro specific projects
  4. Revenue generation through business and investment

A proposal was presented on 13th of June, 2014 to Deans’ Board about registering and setting up a trading entity going by such name as “UNIVERSITY OF JUBA ENTERPRISES LIMITED” or UJE in short. UJE has now been registered in South Sudan as a company limited by shares.


To become the leading regional and global service and technology firm by 2030


To create a financially independent university through innovation

Strategic Goals:

  1. Generate revenue to fund the university infrastructural development and necessary equipment acquisitions
  2. Provide extra employment for university staff and students
  3. Generate job opportunities for the communities around the city of Juba to revitalize the city’s economy
  4. Help in technology transfer to vital sectors of the South Sudan economy via joint ventures for international firms.

General Contact Information

Tel: +211 (0) 955 570 143; +211 (0) 955 003 400
Address: The Lundin House, Custom Road, Juba


Manager, Business Development: Mr. Awak Kondok Malith