Planning, Innovation, & Quality Assurance


The Directorate for Planning, Innovation and Quality Assurance is one of the newest directorates to be established at the University of Juba. It was established in September 2014, initially as the Directorate of Planning, Investment and Quality Assurance. However, with the creation and establishment of the Directorate of Entrepreneurship, the investment arm had to move to the newly formed directorate of entrepreneurship.

One of the challenges facing any publicly funded university is the certainty that public spending cuts are a reality and a factor to be reckoned with. It therefore, falls upon the directorate of planning, innovation and quality assurance to ensure that the University of Juba is efficiently innovative and enterprising in its service delivery, vision and outlook. The graduates we produce must, as a result, not only be equipped to face the demands of today, but must be able to rise to the challenges of tomorrow.

The directorate, which reports to the Vice Chancellor and supports planning processes, policy analysis and development, is divided into two interdependent departments: planning and innovation and quality assurance. The department of planning and innovation coordinates the development of the University’s Master Plan in line with projected future needs of the University. It oversees facilities development from concept to completion stages. The main responsibility of quality assurance department is to collect and analyse data on the University; provide interpretations of academic and administrative data to the management, colleges, schools, centres and institutes to facilitate planning; and to coordinate strategic planning exercises.

The directorate has published a draft Statistical Yearbook 2015, which is the first of its kind since the establishment of the University. The directorate is currently working on the production of the Annual Report book, which will also be the first of its kind. The directorate also publishes Juvarsity, a monthly news bulletin of the University of Juba.


The aim of the directorate is to articulate the University’s mission, vision and guiding principles.


To build on our present rich assets, both human and capital, to meet the current and future challenges the University of Juba will face.

Strategic Goals:

The directorate aspires to secure for the University, a position as one of the leading universities not only in South Sudan but also in the world, in research, teaching and innovation.

Institutional Publications:

  1. Staff and Students’ Statistical Yearbook 2014/2015.
  2. University of Juba Annual Report 2014/2015.
  3. Juvarsity, a Monthly University of Juba News Bulletin.

General Contact Information

Tel: +211 (0) 955 258 192
Address: P.O.Box 82 – Juba



Quality Assurance Officer: Mr. Joseph Atem Bul
Administrative Assistant: Ms. Julia Benjamin