International & Alumni Affairs


  • International Academic Relations Section

This section is responsible for reinforcing the University’s relations with organizations and institutions directly engaged in educational and research activities such as the International Association of Universities, Association of African Universities, and International Union of University Vice-Chancellors. It is also responsible for ensuring continued membership of the University in various international bodies by regularly participating in their conferences and other activities. In addition, it is responsible for concluding mutual agreements with foreign universities, especially African universities, as well as reactivating and renewing agreements previously entered into. Furthermore, it monitors technical and academic developments globally, with the purpose of updating the University programmes in teaching, research and training.

  • Diplomatic Contacts Section

This section is concerned with establishing strong contacts with embassies and international organizations. It organizes events for members of the diplomatic community, especially ambassadors and cultural attachés, to acquaint them with the University and its academic and cultural activities. It also explores with them possible fields of cooperation. In addition, it plays an active role in establishing strong relations with foreign governmental and non-governmental organizations, especially those with experience of working in South Sudan. The main intention of the contacts is to generate financial resources for the University.

  • Department of National Relations  

This department is responsible for establishing strong relations between the University and other academic institutions within South Sudan, such as universities and research centres, so as to coordinate activities of mutual interest. It also seeks to reach agreements with these institutions to realize common projects in research, academic staff training and postgraduate student supervision.

  • Department of Alumni Affairs

This department is responsible for bringing together the graduates of the University with the intention of forming an Alumni Association to perpetuate their links with the University, and to solicit their support for the University’s activities. It also collects information about all graduates and their addresses, locations and positions which is presented in a booklet form.

  • Department of Publication and Public Relations

This department is responsible for issuing journals, booklets and brochures. These include a refereed journal (The Juba University Journal of Arts and Science JUJAS), special booklets and alumni calendars. It also creates strong relations with the business community and acquaint it with University facilities so that it may be attracted to make use of them in the development of businesses, particularly through research and counselling. Furthermore, it supports the development of strong ties with national governmental and non-governmental institutions.


To become a fully functioning part of the university, supporting its development through cultivating or strengthening relationships with institutions within and outside the country, mobilizing resources and helping shape its image.

Strategic Goals:

The Directorate was established in 1997 to achieve the following purposes:

  1. To establish relations with institutions concerned with higher education and research inside and outside South Sudan through conferences, seminars and joint agreements;
  2. To enhance relations with national universities and other academic institutions, both in the public and private sectors, as well as with centres engaged in cultural and educational activities;
  3. To establish strong connections with foreign universities, especially in Africa.
  4. To establish relations with regional and international organizations such as UNESCO, UNDP, UNICEF, The British Council, DAAD, and The World Bank.
  5. To establish relations with African organizations such as the AU and IGAD.

General Contact Information

P.O. Box 82 – Juba



Director: Leben Nelson Moro
Registrar: ________
Secretary: ___________
Clerical/Admin Staff: Daniel David Yugo

Heads of Departments

International Relations: Vacant
National Relations: Taban Germano
Alumni Affairs: Alfred Kilo Natana
Publication & Public Relations: Germano Taban