School of Public Service


In addition to the technical skills they bring to the job, those working in the public sector need strong leadership and management capabilities, regardless of the sector in which they work. The School of Public Service (SPS) is building a new generation of public servants, while at the same time improving the skills of those currently serving. SPS defines “public service” broadly, and its courses are designed for people working with government, NGOs, and IOs.

The School of Public Service teaches both theory and practice, with a heavy dose of applied exercises. SPS currently offers a 1-year Post-Graduate Diploma and a 2-year Master’s Degree, as well as certificate and customized courses. These programs are built around three areas of mastery: (1) designing, implementing and evaluating programs; (2) leading and managing organizations; and (3) using sound evidence-based analysis to make decisions.

SPS is mobilizing in three phases. In Phase 1 it is offering the programs mentioned above. In Phase 2, it hopes to deliver programs in the States. It also plans to partner with ministries, legislatures, NGOs, and IOs to offer week‐long intensive courses and customized programs (for example a customized program serving Members of Parliament or a course on Project Management for NGOs). In Phase 3, SPS will roll-out specialized programs in collaboration with the other Faculties of the University, establish a Visiting Practitioners Program, and promote thought‐leadership through a world‐class Research Center.   Finally, in Phase 3, the current Department of Public Administration in the School of Management Sciences will move to SPS, creating a distinct Business School and a distinct School of Public Service at the University. For more information on SPS please see

General Contact Information

Tel: +211 (0) 954 902 068
Address: P.O. Box 82 – Juba, South Sudan



To develop outstanding public sector leaders, we teach both theory and practice, with a heavy dose of applied exercises. We offer a 1-year Post-Graduate Diploma and a 2-year Master’s Degree, as well as Certificates and customized courses.


Core Values:

  • Excellence: We are committed to providing an excellent education to our students
  • Service: We are committed to serving the people of South Sudan; their well-being is out top priority
  • Integrity: We honor our country, communities, families, and self by adhering to the highest standards of conduct. We endeavor to do what is right, even when no one is watching.
  • Knowledge and Know-How: We integrate theory and practice, with a heavy dose of applied exercises.
  • Teamwork: We find strength in diversity, ad unity in a shared commitment to build the nation; we do not let tribal, regional, or political differences become divisive. We also collaborate and help each other succeed.
  • Hard work: We work hard everyday striving to achieve our personal goals and the goals of the School
  • Respect: We value staff and students contributions to our mission and treat each other with courtesy and respect
  • Accountability: We take responsibility for our actions; learn from our mistakes; and celebrate our achievements.
  • Problem Solving: We expect staff and students to take initiative and solve problems; and we empower them to do so.
  • Flexibility: We offer courses in a variety of ways and locations to meet the needs of students and partners; we regularly seek ways to improve


Strategic Goals:

  • Goal 1: To ensure our graduates have the professional skillsets they need to successfully serve
  • Goal 2: To ensure our graduates have the mindsets they need to successfully serve
  • Goal 3: To manage the School successfully and be good stewards of our resources
  • Goal 4: To ensure sustainable funding to cover operating budgets and to allow significant investments in infrastructure, new programs, and staff
  • Goal 5: To offer new programs based on the needs of the new nation



Director: Prof. Anne Itto
Deputy Director: Mr. Samuel Garang Akau
Registrar: Ms. Diana Danga Lubari Ramba