College of Engineering & Architecture


The College of Engineering and Architecture (CEA) aspires to be recognized as an institution of excellence in engineering and architectural education, technology, research and innovation nationally, regionally and internationally.


  • To provide high quality education in the major engineering disciplines from the undergraduate through doctoral levels
  • To prepare graduates who will engage effectively and responsibly in the practice of the engineering profession in national and global economy, and in pursuing advanced engineering education.
  • To conduct applied and basic research to support and contribute to sustainable environment and socio-economic development in of South Sudan and beyond.
  • To foster and maintain mutually beneficial partnerships with national and international engineering and architectural institutions

General Contact Information

 Tel: +211 (0) 954 287 217
Address: P O Box 82, Juba



Dean: Dr. James J. Bango
Deputy Dean: Dr. James Osuru Mark
Registrar: Mr. John Michel Taban
Secretary: Mrs. Catherine Aya Kornelius

Heads of Departments

Agricultural Engineering: Dr. Kamil Hamad Abdelsamad
Architecture: Mr. Justin Tata
Civil Engineering: Dr. James Henry Tadiwe
Electrical Engineering: Dr. James Osuru Mark
Mechanical Engineering: Dr. Yousif Babiker Gismalla