College of Computer Sciences & Information Technology


University of Juba established the Computer Studies Centre (CSC) in July 1996, in accordance with the resolution of the Senate and the authorization of University of Juba Council (statute number 15). The Centre was opened with the latest technical specifications and its main aim was to meet the practical requirement for short and intermediate Computer Skills training courses for government and private institutions as well as individual applicants. Following the increase in the demand for computer graduates, the Centre was upgraded in April 2009 to a full College of Computer Science and Information Technology (CCSIT) offering two Bachelor of Science degree programs (5 years) in either Computer Science or Information Technology.

General Contact Information

Tel: +211 (0) 914444731
Address: PO Box 82, Juba


Human resource development, social and economic transformation of South Sudan through computer literacy and proliferation of Information Communication Technology.


To enhance efficiency and improve management through digitalization of the universities of South Sudan

Strategic Goals:

To expand the college to include other departments

Core Values:

Collaboration, fairness and efficiency


Dean: Dr. Othow Onak Giel
Deputy Dean: Mr. David Lukudu Aggrey
Registrar: Mr. Droko Clement Leju