College of Community Studies & Rural Development


In 1973, the College of adult and training was initiated through the efforts of University of Khartoum and the Friedrikch-ebert-Stiftung (F.E.S) of the Federal Republic of Germany. The present college has undergone a lot of changes since its establishment. It started with a 3 years Diploma and Certificates program in the areas of Adult Education and community studies which continued till 1997. Then the college was expanded to include the degree program as well as the post graduate program to meet the need of increasing the number of students and the developmental needs of the country. The name of the college was changed to community Studies and Rural development vide Senate resolution No. US/184/99/8-0.


To provide quality education for community transformation and empowerment


The mission of this College is to provide high standards of integrity and excellence in research and teaching as well as create collaborative opportunities between staff student and the rural communities with the goal of achieving a just and democratic society

Core Values:

  • Imparting knowledge and skills to the rural communities.
  • Dedication to the services of the under privileged in urban and rural communities
  • Integrity in the services of the people in rural and urban set up
  • Solidarity with the rural people in their development endeavors
  • Commitment to the provision of solutions to rural development problems through quality research

Strategic Goals:

  • To develop technically competent and socially oriented manpower at the various levels and on full time basis.
  • To prepare individuals to take effective action with respect to a wide range of socio-economic problems in the country.
  • To impart essential knowledge and skills as well as encourage and strengthen the capacities of community to influence rather than merely adjust to their environment.
  • To carry out researches in areas related to rural and community studies.
  • To influence policies and planning of various development program.

General Contact Information

Tel: +211 (0) 955 094 125
Address: P.O.Box 82 – Juba


Dean: Mr. Abalgak Them Madut
Registrar: Mr. Salih Mohamed Harun