Centre for Human Resources Development & Continual Education


The Center for Human Resources Development and Continual Education is the largest Centre in the University of Juba, established on the year of 2000 when the University was displaced to Khartoum during the war of liberation. The CHRDCE, inspired by the motto of the University “Relevance and Excellence” aims at effectively integrating academic excellence with the needs of ordinary people and communal and /or vocational institutions. The Centre conducts short courses and issues Diplomas in various fields: Rural Development, Communication and Public Relations, Public Administration, Business Administration, Accounting and Finance, Economics and Banking, Natural Resources Management, Computer Science and Information Technology. The CHRDCE runs its program in collaboration with the Colleges.


Transforming Human Capital in the context of South Sudan.


Train, equip and develop competent Human Resources for the smooth working system in the Republic of South Sudan.

Strategic Goals:

Supplying National Institutions, State Institutions, and NGOs with qualified Human Resources.

Core Values:

  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Team-work
  • Empathy


General Contact Information

Tel: +211-9555-16-884
Email: Tabitha_kenyi@yahoo.com
Address: Main Campus



Director: Tabitha Eliaba Kenyi
Deputy Director: Mr. Lino Riang Malou
Registrar: Ms. Catherin Elizai Ali
Coordinator: Mustafa Maring
Coordinator: Thon Kuir Biar Ayual
Coordinator: Thomas Oromo