Centre for Distance Education


The Centre for Distance Education (CDE) was established in response to the need to offer higher education opportunities to a much higher population. The Centre is a pioneer of Distance Education in the Sudan and South Sudan. The Centre established in 1997, whilst the University was at Khartoum, Sudan, is an integral and congruent component of University of Juba’s mission. The Centre was established among others to:

  • Ensure the delivery of higher education courses personal development and professional competence for successful careers to serve the public and private sectors
  • Raise the skill levels of mid-career employees who due to economic and other pressure of life were unable to benefit from higher education

Distance Education (DE) is where the learner is separated from the instructional base or teacher, either in space or in time, for a significant portion of their learning.

Distance Education is characterized by teaching and learning being brought about by media: in principle students and their teachers do not meet face to face. One or more media are used for their interaction and for communicating subject matter, for example the printed and written word, audio and video recordings, telephone conversations, computer communication. In this sense, we talk about mediated teaching and learning.

Open Learning (OL) an open learning philosophy implies that a provider will try to find a variety of ways to open access to credible learning opportunities to a diverse range of learners. OL is a philosophy of learning that is based on the principle of flexibility to increase access to and equity in education


Quality higher education committed to all.


To provide quality higher Education training and to embody the principles of the right of education for all offering a flexible higher education based on distance facilities.

Core Values:

  1. Team spirit and teamwork.
  2. National cohesion and inclusiveness.
  3. Objectivity.
  4. Professionalism and competence.
  5. Equal opportunity and fair play.
  6. Fair chances of learners’ success.
  7. Flexibility to accountability.

Strategic Goals:

  1. Provide higher education chances to those who were unable to join universities through the conventional way of entrance
  2. Increase access for students to higher education outside the traditional face to face mode
  3. Widen higher educational training opportunities for qualified school leavers (employees or non)

General Contact Information

Tel:+211 928 564 548   | +211 (0) 955 577 577
Email: petervuni@yahoo.co.uk; bushspider@gmail.com

Main Campus, University Juba,
Centre for Distance Education,
P.O. Box, 82, Juba, South Sudan



Director: Dr. Gai Thurbil Yat
Deputy Director: Mr. Peter Vuni
Registrar: Henry Bulle Lou
Deputy Registrar: Ms. Lily Ilario Laila