College of Arts & Humanities


The College of Arts and Humanities was established following the passing of the relevant status which was passed by the University Senate and ratified by the University Council on the 30th of May 2000. The College was established with the aim of playing a leading role in cultural and artistic activities in South Sudan and the neighboring countries. The Colleges has eight departments: philosophy, archeology, history, geography, English language and literature, Arabic, French and Psychology.


Human resource development, social and economic transformation of South Sudan through computer literacy and proliferation of Information Communication Technology


To enhance efficiency and improve management through digitalization of the universities of South Sudan

Strategic Goals:

To expand the college to include new departments

Core Values:

Collaboration, fairness and efficiency

General Contact Information

Tel: +211 (0) 956 602 645
Address: P O Box 82, Juba


Dean: Dr. Marshal Olal Johnson Limong
Registrar: Mr. John Waran Michael