College of Applied & Industrial Sciences


The College of Applied and Industrial Sciences was established to fill the technological gap and to promote the role of science as the basic tool for development. Emphasis is evenly spread over basic and applied sciences, and extended to areas of industrial production applied at small as well as larger scales. Our target is the self-employed professional scientist, the Industrial and Applied science Researcher. This is because self employment in the form of small industries or the so called backyard industry is the first step towards an industrialized private sector.

The college of Applied and Industrial sciences was established in 1996. The Mission of the college is to provide students with a wide range of educational opportunities, by which they may impart technical knowledge and skills, achieve competence in the various disciplines, promote lifelong learning and contribute to the economy and the welfare of human kind.


  • To enhance the economic well-being of South Sudan through effective utilization of resources and promote production by adapting proper technical skills.
  • To familiarize students on contemporary issues including the first pace of technological change, the nature of modern sciences and associated industries.
  • To prepare students for successful careers in industrial and applied sciences both in private and government sectors, and to provide for personal development and professional competence.
  • To encourage professional self-employed technologist as a boost to industrialization by spreading small industries.


The College’s vision is to be excellent, engaged, accessible and internationally recognized


To provide students with wide range of educational opportunities through which they may gain and impart technical knowledge and skills, achieve competence in various disciplines, promote lifelong learning and contribute to the economy and welfare of the society.

Core Values:

  • Equality for students and staff;
  • Knowledge and skills in applied science
  • Diversity and creativity;
  • Integrity, respect, cooperation and transparency;
  • Excellence in scientific research and innovation

Strategic Goals:

  • Recruit, train and retain academic staff
  • Review Curriculum and create a culture that supports teaching excellence in all academic departments
  • Enhance learning and teaching
  • Strengthen efforts to recruit and educate a diverse body of the most talented students;
  • Undertake applied research that enables sustainable outcomes for industry and community
  • Improve the infrastructure and management of the college
  • Promote the well-being of students as a foundation for academic and life success
  • Foster and extend engagement with industry and community

General Contact Information

Tel:+211 (0) 914 742 118
Address: P.O.Box 82 – Juba



Dean: Dr. Kuorwel Kuai Kuorwel
Registrar: Mr. Kuot Jospeh Deng
Deputy Registrar: Ms. Nora Benjamin Lwoki Yokwe
Secretary: Ms. Nura Enock Lado

Heads of Departments

Chemistry: Mr. Nabil Elbezri Kassan
Mathematics: Mr. Clement Wainaina Kamau
Food and Sugar Processing: Dr. Andrew Kiri Amegovu
Biology: Ms. Vivian Umbau Levi
Biochemistry: Ms. Clara Stephen
Physics: Mr. Achire Tito